Home tuition for budding scientists

A new world opens up in primary school. Animals and plants, the solar system, the human life cycle… It’s fascinating! Except for some children, Science isn’t easy. It’s full of complexities and hard-to-understand ideas.

Before you know it, your child is in secondary school where the Science curriculum is even tougher. Rather than brim with confidence, children often feel in a muddle when they don’t ‘get’ a core subject.

At Lemon Tree Tutors, we have a bunch of wonderful Science specialists in Surrey who:

  • Take the fear out of difficult concepts
  • Untangle tricky theories
  • Bring Science to life in a fun way
  • Unlock the secrets of Science
  • Prepare your child for any test

As you know, Science is a compulsory school subject your child must master. That’s why, when the pressure to achieve is on, our tutors can boost your child’s confidence – whatever their ability.

To support your child’s learning, or help your child get to grips with the syllabus, get in touch with Lemon Tree Tutors.

We’re teachers and parents too – and so understand what matters to you most.

How can we help?

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