Take the guesswork out of GCSE Maths

Does your teenager struggle with Maths? It’s a common problem. But because Maths is a compulsory subject, children need all those mathematical skills at their fingertips. Not just to pass their GCSEs or A levels, but for life. 

Fears and misconceptions can knock a child’s confidence making progress seem impossible. And if a problem isn’t solved before secondary school, your teenager may well have a steep mountain to climb.

At Lemon Tree Tutors, our bunch of the very best Maths specialists do their utmost to break through those barriers. Their impressive level of expertise can help your child:

  • Understand difficult concepts
  • Figure out problems fast
  • Sharpen thinking and learn new skills
  • Sky-rocket their GCSE grades
  • Master Maths at any level

Whether your child needs exam preparation, entrance exam support or regular tuition during the year, we’ve a fantastic, local tutor for you.

As we always says here, there are no guarantees in life. If we can help your child to improve by a grade, we will try our best.

With one to one Maths tutors spanning the Weybridge, Surrey areas to Worthing in West Sussex, do get in touch today to help your child through the mathematical maze.

How can we help?

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