Entrance Exam Tuition for Surrey Schools

When applying for entry to local Surrey schools such as Tiffin, St George’s Weybridge or Sir William Perkins, how can you give your son or daughter the best chance of selection?

Given stiff competition to secure a place at these sought-after schools, where do you start? First, your child needs confidence in handling the combined skills of Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

By teaching key techniques and how to think fast on your feet, we can help your child achieve success beyond the entrance exam itself. After all, confident, happy children feel more empowered to take on any challenge in their life ahead.

As well as boosting your child’s self-confidence, a local one-to-one tutor can ensure he or she understands how to:

  • Approach Reasoning questions
  • Tackle any reading comprehension from fiction to non-fiction
  • Develop impressive writing and literacy skills
  • Understand tricky Maths concepts with ease

Structured revision sessions full of challenge and fun can inspire your child to be an independent thinker and communicator – both critical skills needed to secure a better future.

To book an entrance exam or Eleven Plus specialist in the Weybridge area – including Hersham, Guildford and Godalming:

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  • Complete the ‘Request a tutor’ online form
  • Call us on 01243 670 820…

Even if you simply have a question, we’d be more than happy to answer it.

How can we help?

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