Life-changing English GCSE tuition in Chichester

Do you have big ambitions for your child? Confidence, exam success, a brighter future? Yet if your child has fallen behind, and you’re at your wits end, you daren’t dream too far ahead – too busy battling through every day.

First, remember that life needn’t be like this. There is a way forward, a way to help your child leap over that learning hurdle that’s always held them back. Whether your child:

  • Struggles to revise effectively
  • Suffers from exam nerves
  • Can’t get to grips with the new English syllabus

An expert English tutor can help them turn that corner and solve any learning problem head on.

English tuition that changes lives

So many children desperately want to do well … they just don’t know how. And as I’ve seen during my 25 year career as a teacher and tutor, one-to-one support can be truly life-changing. Here’s just a snippet of success stories:

  • Year 9 student, James, started the summer hating English. After a course of inspirational holiday tuition, he discovered his lost confidence and returned to school full of positivity
  • Autistic student, Cameron, not only learnt to write independently for the first time ever, he achieved a 2:1 degree
  • Jack, starting year 11 at D grades, achieved A grades by the following summer

As a tutor, it’s not just the grades which matter. It’s about seeing a young person believe in themselves. And when a parent tells me, ‘you gave my son his life back’ few things mean more than that…

Aside from running Lemon Tree Tutors from Bracklesham Bay, Chichester in West Sussex, I still tutor English – especially GCSE students.

To get in touch with me personally, or if you are interested in securing a top local tutor for your child whether they are 6 or 16, please fill in the online call-back form explaining what help you need – and the best time/day to call.

Give your child the best chance of success… with English GCSE tuition

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