Eleven Plus tuition ... inspiring success

As parents, we want to give our children the very best start in life... Without doubt, a fantastic education behind them can unlock the door to the brightest future... Passing the Eleven Plus exam is often the first step.

Many parents who arrange 7 Plus or 11+ tuition soul-search long and hard about which school would most suit their child.

  • Would my sensitive, introverted child be too overwhelmed in a state school?
  • Does my child need a smaller, nurturing environment that an independent school could offer?
  • Because my child has Aspergers, isn't he better off in a quieter school where special needs children can be supported?

There's no denying that there are some super state schools across Surrey and West Sussex. But, for some parents, their child needs a different environment to help them thrive. 

Of course, securing entry into Halliford School, Reeds School in Cobham, The Tiffin schools, Kingston Grammar School or St George's Weybridge, for instance, is no mean feat. That's why a one to one Lemon Tree tutor can help draw the best out of your child - to help them really shine. 

Entrance exam tutors ... handpicked in Surrey and Chichester

Many of our tutors are teachers. That's because the exams largely echo what our children learn in school - with a few exceptions. The reason 11+ exams are challenging is because children aren't used to working against the clock for several hours at a time.

Yet when tutored properly, children can:

  • Perfect their exam technique
  • Overcome learning hurdles
  • Sharpen their response times

Even if your child is a little daunted at first, we'll work alongside them to ensure their self-esteem soars. 

Find out how our Eleven Plus tutors can support your child's future. Simply email us through our online form, or book a call - explaining a convenient time/day of when best to reach you. 

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