31 January 2017

Top tips for beating GCSE exam nerves

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This is it. Your exams are happening THIS year. But are you ready for them? With teachers piling on the work at school, it can feel like you're being catapulted along on a wave of pressure. 

Instead, here's some top tips from our trusty team of GCSE tutors and teachers to help you overcome any exam nerves:

Make a plan

Keep on top of juggling several subjects by creating a revision timetable. Starting now. Ask yourself:

  • Which subjects must I pass?
  • What grades do I need? 
  • Which subjects am I most struggling with?
  • Which subject am I most worried about after the mocks?

Break down these 'must pass' subjects into papers, then mind-map each paper to detail key topics and skills. With a highlighter pen, single out those tricky areas you KNOW you struggle with. Start with them... 

Get practical

Once you've narrowed down your subject hotspots:

  • Get armed with stationery and folders to kickstart your revision plan. You need new folders for each subject, A4 punched pockets, sticky notes - perhaps some index cards. 
  • For each subject, create an overview page listing key skills and papers. Be honest. List what you struggle with. Include a tick column to help you tick off learning problems you nail as you go along. 
  • Find your subject exam board online. Sniff out past papers - noting that English and Maths will have sample exam questions. Check out the marking guides too..

Get help

Move on from disappointing mock results by getting proactive instead:

  • Ask a teacher to explain a tricky subject area - be it algebra, unseen poetry, or Chemistry
  • Find out when revision classes are on at school. And go to them!
  • Ask your parents about a personal tutor to help you tackle the tough stuff in half the time

Whatever you do, don’t suffer in silence. Problems won't go away until you face them head on. Get yourself one step ahead! Use the time you have now and over the coming months to give yourself the very best chance of success. And don't forget. Build in a life too. Get out of the house, see your mates, aim for balance.

With GCSE and A level tutors covering Weybridge areas in Surrey and  Chichester area in West Sussex, help is just a phone call or email away. Get in touch with Lemon Tree Tutors today. 



Last modified on 05 May 2017
Nikki de Villiers

Nikki de Villiers - Lemon Tree senior tutor, owner and English/SEN specialist. For the best private tuition in Surrey and West Sussex...

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