You've waited for your GCSE results all summer... And the nerve-wracking day has arrived! You've made plans based on the results; this day is the start of your future. Questions whirl round your head as you go to collect your results:

  • Will you be able to stay on at school to do your A levels?
  • Will you be able to start that course you've got your heart set on? 
  • Has all that hard work paid off?

There you stand, amid the jubilation around you. And look down at your results. Those key grades you needed? You just missed out... It feels like you've been winded; your legs turn to jelly as that crushed feeling overwhelms you. 

We've all been there... And know that bitter taste of disappointment. But before you do anything else, here is some sound advice on how to cope. First of all...

Don't panic

You're right - not achieving the grades you hoped for this time round is disappointing. But it's not the end of the world. You've invested so much time and energy into the last two years that it's worth considering your options. 

Find a teacher to speak to, someone you like and trust. Ask about your options, ask about the grade boundaries so you can nail down how close you were. 

Can you find out if your marks dipped in a specific paper? If so, you have something to focus on should you decide to retake or resit. 

Look at the big picture 

If you've not achieved a specific grade in a subject you needed but passed all the others, that's success - not failure! Congratulate yourself for what you HAVE achieved, rather than focus on the negatives. 

One option - if you thought you'd done better - is to arrange a re-mark. Bear in mind though, it could be October before your regraded papers come back to you. And you usually have to pay a small fee for this. 

Take positive action

Many schools and colleges allow you to start your intended course anyway while you retake a subject. Many students we tutor in the autumn term (before the November resists) say how much easier it is to focus on just the one subject than the pressure of 10 subjects in the summer. 

And because you can get your papers back, you'll be able to pinpoint exactly where you went wrong. That means all your exam revision can be geared towards strengthening up those areas you struggled with first time round. 

So if you achieved a D grade on the English Language paper for instance - whether it was the AQA, Edexcel or IGCSE board - you can practise all your exam techniques, using your results as a springboard. 

Keep your chin up

Remember that life can be a bumpy journey sometimes. These bumps are just blips. It might not feel like it now, but they are! They might even help steer you towards the right course... And help you get through all the challenges ahead. 

Whatever you do, don't give up! You've achieved loads so far; this is just another step on your journey. Besides which, there are so many routes you can take to success. Whether you've a dream job you're working towards, or you're unsure which direction you're heading in, the trick is to keep going. You'll get there... 

In the meantime, if you need some advice or want to arrange private GCSE tuition to help you with your retakes, just get in touch with us here at Lemon Tree Tutors.

Our top notch tutors help many students across Weybridge, Cobham and Guildford - and Chichester area in Sussex - to find their exam confidence every year. And because we've been in your shoes too, you'll get all the encouragement you need to pass with flying colours next time. Call us! 


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11 October 2013

Facing GCSE retakes?

It's tough picking yourself up off the floor when you feel crushed by disappointment, especially when you thought you'd pass. It somehow feels worse when parents and teachers remind you that you didn't achieve the expected grade.

Failing at something first time is an experience we all go through. Even your teachers! But it doesn't make you a failure... Far from it. Instead of feeling beaten by it, dust yourself down and go back to the finishing straight.

After all, there's no need to go back to the start. All you need to do is tweak your technique, and practise... Here's some advice that we often give students in the same boat as you. 

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