How to test yourself to GCSE success

How is your revision plan going? If you’ve been following our latest posts: How to power-up your GCSE revision and How to make sure your revision sticks, you’ll be crammed to the eyeballs with revision techniques!

The thing with revision though is that you need to test yourself all the time to help those facts and skills sink in. This matters for several reasons:

  1. If your exams are several weeks away, it helps to keep revision topped up so you remember it at peak times
  2. Revising over time will help counter all those exam nerves. The more on-top-of-things you feel, the less you’ll panic
  3. If you test yourself and hit a wall, you’ve time to find a way through it. A self-test is a great way to flag up weaker areas

So where do you start? The internet!

The online goldmine

All the key exam boards are now online. Best of all, they publish previous/sample papers – including the mark scheme and examiner’s report. Online is an absolute goldmine of information that keeps on giving…

Try these

Sit a paper under timed conditions. No checking your phone/nipping to the fridge or doing anything else. Train yourself to sit for the correct amount of time – or, at the very least, test yourself on a section with allotted time

Then read through the mark scheme to test your accuracy. If you spot areas of difficulty, make them a priority in your revision schedule. Then revise and test again later.. The added bonus to this is that you get first-hand insight into what examiners expect. Over time, this can help you understand what examiners are looking for

Back up your textbook and exercise book revision with more interactive approaches. Try these below…

Here are just some other fabulous sites worth exploring:

The best revision trick?

Stick with it… Cramming overnight doesn’t work as it creates panic. Instead if you work consistently over time, you’ll have far greater success. And of course, if you need a GCSE tutor to help with the tricky stuff, feel free to get in touch.

Across the Chichester area we have GCSE English and Maths teachers you can call on for help. Spanning Weybridge to Guildford in Surrey, we’ve super Science, Maths and English GCSE tutors you can enlist for support too.