Has your child fallen through the SEND gap?

As a popular-with-parents tutor service across Guildford and Weybridge in Surrey and across Chichester in Sussex, we meet many parents with constant worries about their child’s education. This year was no exception…

One of the biggest challenges facing schools this year has been a squeezed budget. With less money to spend, there is only so much extra support available to children in the classroom. This means that unless your child has a full statement, one-to-one help is often out of the question.

There has always been a myth about SEN children that they are unintelligent. In fact, many are often very gifted. Young people with autism or dyslexic, for example, are such smart cookies!

However, the reality is that children with specific learning difficulties often feel so negative about themselves. Many hate drawing attention to their problems to limit teasing in class… If you are a parent with a child like this, restless sleep feels like the norm.

What’s the bigger picture?

The problem is that a learning difficulty affects day-to-day progress, and can even destroy confidence. That’s why it makes such a profound difference to have personal support with a patient teacher or tutor away from the classroom where a child can focus uninterrupted.

But this is only half the picture. While children with a recognised condition still battle with lessons in school, many primary and secondary children go undiagnosed.

Several of our tutors this year have supported children who struggled like mad in primary school with writing, reading and communication, and were then later diagnosed with conditions such as sensory processing disorder, dyslexia and asperger’s.

The fallout from this is that a child can grow up with huge gaps in their learning, often feeling like a fish out of water in secondary school.

Overwhelmed and unsure what to do next?

Private tuition is not just about helping a child leap over learning hurdles. It’s about emotional support and confidence-building too.

Don’t run yourself ragged feeling worried to bits about your child. Call SEND specialist Nikki de Villiers at Lemon Tree Tutors today. Whether you are in Chichester or Weybridge, we’re only a call away.

With years of experience in helping parents and children get through the toughest times, we are there for you too.

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