beat exam anxiety

Exam anxiety is one of the biggest issues which affects thousands of teenagers every year.  You too? With teachers piling on the work at school, it can feel like you’re being catapulted along on a wave of pressure.

Feeling anxious is normal, don’t worry. While the exam season can seem daunting, we have some tried and tested tips which will help you keep your feet on the ground.

Make a Revision Plan

Keep on top of juggling several subjects by creating a revision timetable. Starting now. Ask yourself:

Break down these ‘must pass’ subjects into papers, then mind-map each paper to detail key topics and skills. With a highlighter pen, single out those tricky areas you KNOW you struggle with. Start with those…

Be Practical From The Off

Once you’ve narrowed down your subject hotspots:

Seek Support for any Exam Anxiety

Move on from disappointing mock results by getting proactive instead:

Whatever you do, don’t suffer in silence. Problems won’t go away until you face them head on.

Instead, get one step ahead! Use the time you have to give yourself the very best chance of success. And don’t forget. Build in a life too. Get out of the house, see your mates, aim for balance.

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