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Education is life-changing. Fact! I bet you had a special teacher that you think of fondly who made that favourite subject light up? Or that one teacher who understood you that made a hard part of your life easier to cope with?

Do you remember those lessons? Where everything slotted into place, where you felt you could achieve anything, where you felt you were someone?

Yet, that same learning environment can be so tough for children. De-railed by anxiety, homework battles, rock-bottom confidence, it can seem like everyone else is climbing uphill while you lag behind unable to catch up.

All it takes is to sit down with that child, root out the problem and help them fix it.

Except classroom teachers are so busy disciplining/teaching 30+ children that achieving quality time with individual children is impossible. That’s where one-to-one tuition can make such an impact.

What difference can a tutor make?

Inspiring and and nurturing young minds is a privilege. It’s not something anybody can ‘just do.’ You need experience, qualities and personality to make a real difference to young people.

Starting out as an English and Special Needs teacher in 1992 means I have accrued a fair bit of expertise since those pre-historic times.

Although I no longer work in secondary schools as a classroom teacher, I have spent the past 15 years honing my private tuition skills.

In that time, I have seen how life-changing personal tuition can be – both in my own teaching and that of my colleagues.

Achievements such as:

Here, we don’t just excel at supporting young people to success in their 11+, entrance exams or GCSEs. Often we help troubled teens who have been so floored by upsetting experiences that they’ve written off their lives.

Or if a learning difficulty causes so much distress that they can no longer face school, we offer an alternative home schooling option instead.

Lots of gentle ‘sloth-paced’ handling, kindness and personalised approaches make a huge difference. By steering that youngster back on track, we help them realise that it’s never too late…

Contact me, Nikki, when you too are ready to help your child thrive. Though an English tutor based in Chichester, West Sussex, our team extends to Surrey areas from Weybridge to Claygate, Guildford to Haslemere.

Plus our online teaching service is second to none. Nothing at all like lockdown learning during the pandemic, online lessons can feel truly liberating for teenagers and convenient for busy parents.