Who provides books and materials?

Planning ahead

Tutors use their own general resources as well as student books and exam papers.

If your child or teen uses a particular textbook or syllabus-specific material, please speak to the tutor directly about this. It might be possible for your child’s school to provide an extra copy if needed.

Sometimes, planning is dictated by what your child is doing week in, week out. Even on the day! Whilst our tutors like to plan ahead, it might be that your child comes home with an impossible homework or an exam paper is returned that day.

On-the-spot support is guaranteed.

Online studying is here to stay

The Internet offers endless opportunities to work on the same documents and share them, share learning videos and use online resources. Many of our tutors now incorporate online learning and some specialise.

With online resources, annotation and whiteboards available, it’s incredible how tuition is changing for the good. Tutors still use traditional paper resources, but online can hugely enhance the learning experience.

And we have achieved incredible results too!

Plus,  students who find in-person learning difficult have excelled through online tuition. Others absolutely love the rich mix of activities that can happen in a lesson.

How can we help?

Our head tutor Nikki is your first port of call. To understand your exact needs, please pop your contact details in the boxes, then explain how we can help.