How is 1:1 tuition different to school?

Our children not only compete for their teacher’s attention in class, they often hate drawing attention to a weakness or gift in front of their peers – for fear of losing face.  Being different can make children feel so anxious sometimes.

As parents, it can be a lonely road to travel when everyone’s else’s children seem to fly through their education. Let’s face it, lessons today are nothing like when we were at school all those centuries ago!

It can make us as parents feel as if our hands are tied when our children struggle and we’re not sure how to help for the best.

Just how different is a one to one tuition session?

A tuition session is so much more informal than school. We encourage first name terms rather than Miss or Mr to help our students feel relaxed.

Plus, because we get to know students’ interests, ask how their day has been, and follow up on important things that matter,  the children we work with look forward to every session.

Undivided attention is absolutely priceless. To have someone who understands exactly what your learning problems are and how to fix them without an audience watching is what makes such a massive difference.

Whilst teachers do a fine job, one-to-one tuition ensures your child to receives targeted help and support. This is rarely possible in class, and is something parents tell us makes a huge difference.

Away from class distractions, most children love the individual attention they get with a private tutor. It engages youngsters in their learning – dramatically improving their grades and confidence.

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