What can my child gain from one to one tuition?

We’re constantly astounded by the incredible impact our tutor team have on children and young people. Nothing short of life-changing, in some cases…

Here is a list of just some of the positives:

  • Huge confidence boost and and self-belief restored
  • Higher grades, greater success
  • Fine tuned thinking skills
  • Entry into school of choice
  • Greater understanding and enjoyment
  • Expanded study skills
  • Achieve more at a faster pace
  • Inspiration and motivation

That’s not all

There is a deeper story to tell. Our holistic support for both student and parent truly sets us apart.

Parents regularly say how they couldn’t have got through a situation without us, and that our help has transformed their child’s life.

Because some young people lose faith in themselves, they get stuck in a downward spiral – almost beyond hope. With kindness, patience and dedication, our tutors have helped steer them forward.

It’s not easy sometimes, but we don’t give up…

How can we help?

Our head tutor Nikki is your first port of call. To understand your exact needs, please pop your contact details in the boxes, then explain how we can help.