My child has a specific learning difficulty. Please help!

So many SEN students we tutor come to us with trust issues, especially students with Autism.

You will understand if you have been through this, but some children don’t find it easy to connect with people – especially when they have been let down so many times in their lives.

And children with more more complex needs such as those with Pathological Demand Avoidance, processing problems and ASD, often build self-protection walls around themselves to avoid hurt and failure.

Caring tutors who go the extra mile

Our tutors, therefore, have to have special qualities to ‘enable’ the wonderful characters we meet. Endless patience, a sense of humour, kindness, thinking outside of the box. Personalised learning incorporating special interests is part of the bargain too.

Sadly, such unique, interesting  and intelligent young people often only see their failings. So part of what we do is to earn their trust as we steer them towards a more positive outlook. Parents regularly tell us we perform miracles.

Support with day-to-day learning

With one in five children cited within the SEN category, most schools struggle to cope with providing adequate support in class.

Teachers often can’t work with children who really need it due to time pressures and class control. This means that some children’s progress can slow down or even stop.

Private home tuition is completely different. 100% attention helps many a frustrated youngster find new ways through barriers. Engaging them in their learning and restoring confidence is essential.

And because home tutors tailor lessons to your child’s exact needs, tuition focuses on building skills at their pace. If you need educational support with your ‘fabulous but struggling’ child or teenager, speak to us first.

How can we help?

Our head tutor Nikki is your first port of call. To understand your exact needs, please pop your contact details in the boxes, then explain how we can help.