How are you different to other tuition services?

‘Nobody has ever asked me that question before.’ ‘You have restored my faith that there are good people out there.’ ‘We would be lost without you.’ 

These treasured words from parents recently echo how our tuition service is different. Parents, in the same position as you are in now, tell us what a relief and joy it is to have such strong support on their side.

One of our secret ingredients is head tutor, Nikki de Villiers. A highly experienced teacher who not only understands how big a step starting tuition is, she goes the extra mile when it comes to support. Nikki’s door is always open for a chat, for advice, or a shoulder to cry on.

And because we get to know your child inside out, we build learning bridges for them to cross. Earning their trust is a privilege – something we never take lightly.

Handpicked tutors who create magic

Only the finest Surrey and Sussex teachers are handpicked to join our tuition service. Every one of them is experienced in helping young people thrive. They truly bring learning to life – and, importantly, get results.

Tuition is always individually geared to your child’s exact needs. That means our tutors don’t just find a page in a text book and work from that, they plan a programme of study to help your child progress.

Many of our teachers even devise their own resources, often in line with a student’s interests. It’s this personal, caring approach which parents appreciate so much.

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How can we help?

Our head tutor Nikki is your first port of call. To understand your exact needs, please pop your contact details in the boxes, then explain how we can help.