Does my child need a private tutor?

You will know when you’ve reached the point where you need some expert teaching support. Many parents get in touch when they’re out of ideas, received little support from school or the local council, or simply don’t know where to turn next.

In terms of what is happening at school or home, every situation is different. This is where our head tutor’s 30 years of experience comes into play. It really does make the world of difference knowing that there IS someone who understands and will help you fix problems

Is your child experiencing these learning issues too?

  • Loss of confidence
  • Slow progress at school
  • Not hitting target grades
  • Struggling to focus
  • Learning difficulty
  • Fallen behind with schoolwork
  • Lack of motivation
  • Homeschooled and unsure how to progress
  • Anxiety
  • Have hit a brick wall

Classrooms are busy places. Teachers have so much to get through, they might not have time to help your child with their difficulty. Once an issue isn’t tackled head-on, it festers chipping away at confidence over time. That’s why a personal tutor can be invaluable.

Home-schooled child?

Nikki, our head tutor, is a special needs  teacher, plus expert English and 11 Plus tutor. She’s experienced at supporting students with ASD, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Dyslexia – and young people who have been out of the system for some time.

Speak to Nikki about how supporting your home-schooled child. Sometimes, all you need is some support in helping your child turn a corner or find a way out of a dead end.

How can we help?

Our head tutor Nikki is your first port of call. To understand your exact needs, please pop your contact details in the boxes, then explain how we can help.