We prefer online tuition as it’s so convenient. Do you offer it?

More often than not, our tutors and students opt for the ultimate convenience of online learning. Nothing like lockdown lessons, thankfully! Instead, a one-to-one lesson with us is just like being in the same room, but with a multitude of resources to hand.

We do have a few bragging rights to mention as well. Our students achieved fantastic success through online lessons during the Pandemic and beyond! A 100% 11+ success rate as well as all GCSE students improving their grades in the past year alone is testament to that.

Aside from convenience, students love having lessons at their own desk with all their own resources and books to hand. Our students love the familiarity of being in their own space. Plus no getting stuck in traffic is a win-win for everyone. 

Because it’s so easy to document-share these days, we find online tuition enhances learning.

Is tuition at a tutor’s home an option?

Some of our Surrey and West Sussex tutors offer home visits. In this case, a quiet, downstairs space such as the dining room, lounge or home office work well. 

Equally, it might be more convenient to deliver tuition at the tutor’s house – depending on whether this is offered. We ask that you discuss location with the tutor direct. However, we will also ask for your preference as part of the initial consultation so we can find a tutor to suit.

One important mention: safeguarding children is top of the list here. So you can rest assured that every tutor’s credentials have been thoroughly checked. Every tutor has gone through a DBS police check as well. 

Please note: home visits inevitably incur a higher fee. We think it’s reasonable to charge you for the convenience of a tutor coming to your home. The fee in this case covers them being stuck in traffic for an hour, on top of planning, setting homework and the hour itself.

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