Lemmy, our resident adviser and top lemon, answers all your questions.

Does my child need a private tutor?

If your child experiences any of these, one of our wonderful Weybridge tutors and Chichester teachers can make the world of difference:

  • Loss of confidence
  • Slow progress at school
  • Not hitting target grades
  • Struggling to focus
  • Learning difficulty
  • Fallen behind with schoolwork
  • Lack of motivation
  • Need more challenge

What can my child gain from one to one tuition

We're constantly astounded by what an impact our incredible team of personal tutors make to children. Nothing short of life-changing in some cases... Here is a list of some of the positives: 

  • Huge confidence boost and and self-belief restored
  • Higher grades, greater success
  • Fine tuned thinking skills
  • Entry into school of choice
  • Greater understanding and enjoyment
  • Expanded study skills
  • Achieve more at a faster pace
  • Inspiration and motivation


My child has a learning difficulty. Can you help?

Yes, of course. In fact, one to one tuition can help your child take huge steps forward. Sadly, with one in five children cited within the SEN category, most schools struggle to cope with providing adequate support in class.

Teachers often can't work 1:1 due to time pressures and class control. This means that some children's progress can slow down or even stop. Private home tuition is completely different. 100% attention helps many a frustrated youngster find new ways through barriers. Engaging them in their learning, and restoring confidence. 

And because home tutors tailor their lessons to your child's needs - even including what they are interested in - tution can focus on building skills at their pace. If you need educational support, speak to us. 

How do you find me a tutor?

Initially, we offer you a FREE consultation where you can talk to a teacher adviser about your child’s needs. 

We then match your child with a specific tutor’s strengths. Rather than you wasting time trawling through unregulated adverts and unvetted online directories, we’ll find you a vetted, expert Surrey or Sussex tutor who’s just right for your child. 

Once the fee is agreed, we’ll put you in touch with the tutor to discuss your child’s individual needs. When you’ve agreed a starting date, the tutor will inform us. But we stay in touch via email to find out how tuition is going.

Do you charge booking/enrolment fees?

Absolutely none. Once we’ve agreed the hourly fee, you pay Lemon Tree a month in advance. No hidden costs, agency fees or extras.

With such a clear and simple pricing policy, you'll have no unexpected surprises. 

Why choose Lemon Tree Tutors?

  • We come highly recommended by other Surrey and Sussex parents and students
  • ONLY qualified, vetted teachers make it onto the Lemon Tree team
  • 1:1 lessons are tailored to your child’s needs – that means they are 100% focused on improving your child’s skills at their own pace
  • Headed by an expert teacher and tutor, the Lemon Tree only refer tutors to you with exceptional references and experience 
  • Our tutees don’t just pass, they shine. As well as improving grades, 100% of parents tell us their child feels better about themselves too...
  • Second-to-none customer service is yours. As well as monitoring how well your child is doing on your behalf, the Lemon Tree door is always open with any worries and questions you have...
  • Extra study tips and fresh advice on our lemony blog

How is 1:1 tuition different to school?

Our children not only compete for their teacher’s attention in class, they often hate drawing attention to a weakness or gift in front of their class mates – for fear of losing face. That means a problem can fester, rather than be dealt with fast.

A tuition session is more informal than school where the child can explore an area of the syllabus without worrying about failing. Whilst teachers do a fine job, one to one tuition enables your child to receive targeted help and support.

This is rarely possible in class, and is something parents tell us makes a huge difference. Away from class distractions, most children love the individual attention they get with a private tutor. It engages youngsters in their learning - dramatically improving their grades and confidence. 


Where does tuition take place?

We leave this up to both of you to decide. Most of our Surrey tutors offer home visits to fit round your schedule. In this case, a quiet, downstairs space such as the dining room, lounge or home office is preferable to a child's bedroom. Safeguarding children is top of the list.

Equally, it might be more convenient to deliver tuition at the tutor's house - depending on whether this is offered. We ask that you discuss the venue with the tutor direct. However, we will also ask for your preference as part of the initial consultation so we can find a tutor to suit.  

Please note: home visits inevitably incur a higher fee. We think it's reasonable to charge you for the convenience of a tutor coming to your home. The fee in this case covers them being stuck in traffic for an hour, on top of planning, setting homework and the hour itself. 

Can you help my gifted child?

Of course. In fact, many students we work with are not on the SEN register, and are very academic indeed. However, for various reasons, they might not be hitting their target grades, or simply need more inspiration. 

It is also quite common for scientifically-minded students to be less enthused about English, and vice versa. Does your son or daughter fall into this category? If so, there might be a discrepancy between target grades. 

Achieving top grades in all subjects at GCSE or A level isn't a walkthrough. Plus entrance exams for sought-after Surrey and Sussex schools can be quite a challenge.

Your child might need to refine their exam technique or understand how to pass to ensure they reach their full potential. If your child has no time to waste, we have a local tutor in the Surrey or West Sussex area to help.

How are you different to other tuition services?

Only the finest Surrey and Sussex teachers with exceptional references are handpicked to join the Lemon Tree. Every one of them is experienced in helping young people thrive. They truly bring learning to life - and, importantly, get results.

How do our tutors achieve such glowing results? Tuition is individually geared to your child's exact needs. That means our tutors don't just find a page in a text book and work from that. They plan a programme of study to help your child progress. Many of our teachers even devise their own resources, often in line with a student's interests. It's that personal, caring approach which parents appreciate so much.  

Parent, tutor and student support is second-to-none here. Plus, Lemon Tree Tutors is overseen by a highly experienced teacher, Nikki de Villiers, who understands how big a step starting tuition is.

Parents, in the same position as you are in now, tell us what a relief and joy it is (months, even days after tuition commencing) to have such strong support on their side. 

I'm a tutor in Sussex or Surrey. Can I join?

We're always looking for fantastic tutors in Surrey and West Sussex who are experienced, have passion for their subject and are qualified. Better still, we pay professional rates - unlike other education services.

So if you live in the following Surrey areas, we've tuition opportunities right now: Weybridge, Hersham, Guildford, Farnham, Cobham, Woking, Byfleet, Esher...

If you are in West Sussex, the world is your oyster. We're recruiting for new GCSE and Primary School teachers in the Chichester district, including Petsworth, The Witterings, Worthing and Chichester areas.

Specialising in Maths, English, Science and 11 plus entrance exam support, we are always happy to hear from you if you're a Modern Languages expert, Geography or History specialist too. 

Just scoot over to the Tutors page now to find out all the details. By the way, we really are a fab, friendly bunch here!


Who provides books and materials?

Tutors come prepared with general resources, planning and plenty of encouragement! Your youngster just needs an A4 notebook, pens and pencils.

If your student uses a particular textbook or syllabus-specific material, please speak to the tutor directly about this. It might be possible for your child's school to provide an extra copy. 

We also ask parents to establish a regular tuition location in a quiet study area downstairs. Routine can help a child settle into tuition. 

What if I need to cancel tuition?

Though we don’t hold you to a yearly contract, we do ask that you commit to at least a term. And that you give a month's cancellation notice should you no longer need our tutoring services. Tutors do plan lessons ahead. Therefore we ask you to respect our tutors' time.  

Also, if you need to cancel individual lessons, we ask you to give the tutor two days' notice. Our tutors run a tight schedule/timetable - and so appreciate plenty of advance warning.

Sessions cancelled on the day usually incur the full fee. If the situation is an emergency, or unavoidable, we ask our tutors to use their discretion regarding this.

What does private tuition cost?

Unlike tutor agencies in the Surrey and Sussex area, we don’t charge parents £80-£100 per hour. Our reasonable fee for a qualified teaching professional range from £40-£60 an hour. The fee is dependent on: 

  • The subject/level you need
  • The tutor’s professional expertise 
  • Travelling costs incurred by the tutor

If travelling to your home, we think it's reasonable to include a convenience fee to cover travel expenses and time. If a teacher visits your home and yet the travelling takes them up to an hour, it's only fair to ask you to contribute towards this.

Of course, you can find 'cheap' tuition elsewhere. But as parents tell us, they’d rather pay for the best affordable Surrey and Sussex tuition, than waste money on cheaper ineffective tuition found via an unvetted directory. 

Remember, all of our tutors have been checked... meticulously. Plus you receive on-going support from the Lemon Tree office team as well as your assigned tutor. 

Where are your Surrey tutors based?

Spanning West Surrey and further south, our tip-top tuition team covers Hersham to Walton and Weybridge, Cobham and Esher to Addlestone, Byfleet to Woking, Guildford to Godalming and Farnham. 

Whether you need a Maths, Science or primary school tutor, our Surrey team have it covered. In the Chichester area, we have fantastic tuition specialists offering English GCSE support, special needs teachers offering Dyslexia and Aspergers support.

Plus a host of primary and secondary school tutors offering Science and Maths in Worthing, English across Chichester and West Dean, plus primary tutors and language speech therapy specialists in Chichester.

Which subjects do you offer?

Currently, we specialise in English, Maths and Science tuition from primary up to A level. These subjects are compulsory - so children need to excel in them to progress. You can also book a tutor to help your child prepare for Common Entrance exams, 11+, and 13 plus or for general study skills.

On top of core subjects, some of our teachers can offer modern foreign languages such as French and Spanish. Plus we have a business specialist in the Chichester area who offers marketing, website and copywriting expertise. 

For any other questions, get in touch with the Lemon Tree team.

Who do I pay?

Rather than pay your tutor at the door, we invoice you for the first session direct. And then once you have agreed further weekly lessons, you can pay Lemon Tree Tutors a month in advance.

Equally if you arrange several sessions a week - such as GCSE booster sessions at Easter, you can opt for flexi-pay and settle your bill in two instalments each month. 

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