14 January 2015

Does your child struggle at school?

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In a perfect world, our children fly through school enjoying every minute. We hope they get through their childhood unscathed and go on to lead a fabulous life.

Of course, in the real word life isn't always like this. Life is beset with problems, mountains to climb, and events which steer us off course. The school system itself heaps pressure on children from aged five upwards.

Targets, assessments and exams teach your child about success - and failure. Does this reflect the real world beyond school? Yes. But for some children, this relentless journey can be a bumpy ride. Especially when they have issues of their own to deal with. 

Rather than shoot ahead, a struggling child plods along like a tortoise without getting very far. The good news is, once you know what the problem is it's easier to tackle it. What sort of issues could affect your child's progress in the short term?

What problems to look out for

As a teacher for over two decades, I've a pretty good inkling into what motivates kids. Plus, what derails them. And there are plenty of obstacles. 

Some of the problems we come across here at Lemon Tree Tutors include:

  • Physical illness such as ME
  • School phobias
  • Bullying whether physical, emotional or cyber
  • Emotional issues affecting confidence
  • Special educational needs such as Dyslexia, ADHD etc
  • Lack of motivation
  • Knowledge gaps

Replace the image of a child happily heading off to school every day with one of a child feeling insecure, a failure, ashamed, not good enough, useless, defeated, or behind - and you get a very different picture of education. 

Sometimes, children's erratic behaviour at school can blow up into a full scale battle at home. And because children struggle to express their feelings, parents can often be at a loss on what to do for the best or how to handle a situation. 

And when school becomes such a nightmare that learning is compromised or progress stops, it's time to get help. 

Turn a corner

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say we've seen miracles happen here. Transformations which parents never thought possible. Children:

  • with shattered self-confidence leave feeling good about themselves
  • feeling ashamed of always coming last learn to feel proud of their achievements
  • who've given up on themselves start believing they can do it

And we're not just talking about children who lag behind academically. Sometimes, the brightest - most gifted - child can struggle. And needs some support to help them get through. 

With lovely home education tutors on the team, we've also a bunch of one to one tutors who help children like yours get back on track. Making life at school easier, and helping you sleep soundly at night. 

Private tuition from Cobham to Chichester

With all the will in the world, teachers cannot give individual children the specialist help they need, day in, day out. It's just not possible... 

Don't lose heart. Speak to us here at the Lemon Tree. Whatever the problem, we'll see how we can help. Just get in touch... Since our tutors in Surrey are based in Weybridge to Hersham, Cobham to Godalming, we're not too far away. 

And with tuition now available in Chichester, West Sussex, too - there's someone nearby to help. 

Last modified on 17 June 2016
Nikki de Villiers

Nikki de Villiers - Lemon Tree senior tutor, owner and English/SEN specialist. For the best private tuition in Surrey and West Sussex...

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