Seven Secrets to 11 Plus Success

Exam success

11 Plus exams are daunting, stretching the most able of children. From completing several papers against the clock to facing more difficult questions than they are used to, it’s no surprise that parents often turn to us for targeted support. Far from coaching students to complete specific exams, 11+ teaching is all about teaching skills, […]

Does Your Child Struggle to learn?

With Sats exams, GCSEs and A Levels round the corner, the push for success is in overdrive. But what if your child is struggling like mad because he/she: Feels useless in a bottom set Is home schooled with learning gaps Has no self esteem and is anxious Can’t cope with a learning difficulty Here at […]

How to test yourself to GCSE success

reduce exam stress

How is your revision plan going? If you’ve been following our latest posts: How to power-up your GCSE revision and How to make sure your revision sticks, you’ll be crammed to the eyeballs with revision techniques! The thing with revision though is that you need to test yourself all the time to help those facts […]

How to make sure revision sticks

How to remember revision

Hot on the heels of ‘How to power up your GCSE revision,’ today we’re looking at how to help information stick! Revising is hard work when you’re not doing it right. Often it leads to frustration and panic when you have just months to go before D – or E – Day! The truth is, some […]

How to Power-up Your GCSE Revision

What is the number one issue GCSE students struggle with this time of year? Revision. How to start, what to do, how to revise effectively. Instead, far too many teenagers revise in the wrong way – wasting precious time. Let’s look at how to power-up your revision so you get more done in half the […]

Top Tips for Beating Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety is one of the biggest issues which affects thousands of teenagers every year.  You too? With teachers piling on the work at school, it can feel like you’re being catapulted along on a wave of pressure. Feeling anxious is normal, don’t worry. While the exam season can seem daunting, we have some tried […]

How to Bounce Back After Mock Exam Failure

Failing a GCSE mock exam feels like a stomach punch. It truly hurts – leaving you anxious about the future. How could you fail to achieve your predicted grades? And with such little time before the summer finals, how is it even possible for you to turn things round? The truth is, it IS possible. And […]

Has your child fallen through the SEND gap?

SEN children that struggle

As a popular-with-parents tutor service across Guildford and Weybridge in Surrey and across Chichester in Sussex, we meet many parents with constant worries about their child’s education. This year was no exception… One of the biggest challenges facing schools this year has been a squeezed budget. With less money to spend, there is only so […]

GCSE or A Level resits? How to shine second time round

Though re-sitting an exam is probably not a favourite activity, it’s worth giving it your best shot – especially if your heart is set on a specific course or university place. Here’s some advice to turn your fortunes round now: 1. Accept First, wipe away the disappointment you feel about achieving disappointing grades. I’ve been […]