Why we are the best 1:1 tuition in Surrey and West Sussex

What matters to you most? What keeps you up at night? Your child’s future. At Lemon Tree, it’s in the safest hands.

That’s why ONLY exceptional tutors in Surrey and West Sussex make it onto the Lemon Tree team. And it’s down to their teaching expertise which makes us top of the class.

Vetted, qualified tutors

Unlike online directories full of unregulated tutors, we only recruit fully vetted tutors. All references, qualifications and identity checks are done for you. If tutors don’t match our criteria, we turn them away.


Every private home tutor here is an expert. On top of holding specialist degrees, tutors have extensive teaching experience too. That means fresh learning strategies for your child.

Learning needs

Tutors don’t set the agenda, your child’s learning needs do. This flexible approach means every session is purely focused on improving your child’s skills. That’s why we get results.


Read our testimonials for some incredible success stories. It’s true. At Lemon Tree, we work hard to help your child achieve. Leaping ahead by a grade – even two – is common round here. And because we monitor progress through the year, we’re focused on results. Of course, we can’t guarantee a result – nobody can. Even with the best advice and support, some children do occasionally miss out on a grade. In the event of this, Nikki will give practical suggestions on what to do next. 


You’re not on your own at Lemon Tree. Run by veteran English teacher, Nikki de Villiers, there’s a professional at the helm who takes all the worry out of learning. Every child, every parent and every tutor is supported. The door is always open…

Get in touch today with our Surrey or West Sussex tuition team for a no-obligation chat. Whether you’re looking for Maths, Science or English tuition in the Weybridge area, or English tutors from Petworth to The Witterings, contact our team today. 

How can we help?

Our head tutor Nikki is your first port of call. To understand your exact needs, please pop your contact details in the boxes, then explain how we can help.