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nikki-aboutMany thanks for taking the time to look round the Lemon Tree. I’m Nikki de Villiers - Lemon Tree’s founder, teacher and writer. 

First off, it’s a privilege to work with children. And always has been since my first post as English and special needs teacher in 1992. It’s also a huge responsibility one feels entrusted with.

More than anything, you want to give your children the very best start in life - so they can make their mark on the world and be happy... 

Yet sometimes, our children need more than what they experience in school. They need a teacher who can devote time to them, who can explore new ways to unlock their potential, who can help them overcome any obstacle.

That’s why I established Lemon Tree Tutors to connect parents with outstanding specialists who know how to make a difference. Tutors who have time to put your child first. Qualified, vetted tutors you can truly count on...

What continues to inspire us? When parents tell us how proud they are to see their children achieve so much in such a short space of time. And that they never thought it possible to see them enjoy learning again. 

Unlike some national agencies which farm out enquiries in seconds, we do our homework. By assessing your child's needs, we then painstakingly match them to the right tutor. Once a tutor is placed, you can expect a personalised programme of learning geared to getting better results. After all, that's what matters most... 

In Surrey, our handpicked tutor team cover a host of local towns and villages from Cobham to Weybridge, Esher to Hersham, Guildford to Fareham.

Now in West Sussex, too, you can find qualified English teachers and primary specialists in the Chichester to Petworth areas, as well as Maths and Science GCSE tutors further afield in Worthing and Brighton. 

Do get in touch today to see how our Surrey and West Sussex tuition specialists can help your child achieve. Look forward to hearing from you. 


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