What does success look like?

What success looks like

What words come into your head when you think about ‘success’? Victory, glory, achievement, being a high-flier, a winner, a leader? As a parent, how do you measure success? What does it look like? A satisfying career? Owning your own home? Your children being happy, leaving school with qualifications and achieving life goals? What about […]

Everyone is fighting a battle

To Kill a Mockingbird

Working with young people has been the best the decision I ever made. Not having had an easy childhood, I grew up feeling insecure, lacking in confidence and sometimes invisible. Three subjects that carried me through like a comfort blanket were English, History and German. English because I could escape into my imagination; History as […]

Avoid these GCSE exam mistakes

GCSE exam mistakes

GCSE exam season whether summer mocks, finals or re-sits in November is always a tough ask. Every year. On top of school, you need to study in the evening and the weekend if you want to achieve your target grades. As experienced GCSE exam tutors, we meet students making the same mistakes year in, year […]

Seven Secrets to 11 Plus Success

Exam success

11 Plus exams are daunting, stretching the most able of children. From completing several papers against the clock to facing more difficult questions than they are used to, it’s no surprise that parents often turn to us for targeted support. Far from coaching students to complete specific exams, 11+ teaching is all about teaching skills, […]